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the process of making someone stronger and more

confident, especially in controlling their life and

claiming their rights

I'm Emma, a Toronto-based Registered Psychotherapist in good standing with the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario. 

My therapeutic approach is trauma-informed and compassionate. I strive to foster a safe, supportive, and collaborative space for us to explore and find solutions to whatever you may be dealing with and change patterns or ways of coping that are no longer serving you. 

I believe that suffering has nothing to do with weakness. We suffer when we are wounded and don't have (and often don't know) what we need to start the healing process. Together, we will discover what you need so that you can enjoy a life that feels more authentic, balanced, and fulfilling- regardless of your past or where you are at today.

As your 

I will be sensitive, genuinely curious and non-judgemental while we gently peel back layers to understand who you are, what is going on for you, your needs and what you want. Feelings of guilt, shame, confusion and insecurity will be resolved together, as we work to develop balanced perspectives and a more mindful relationship with yourself and others.

It takes courage to ask for help, thus I see all clients as strong and capable of change, otherwise they would not be starting therapy. My commitment is to meet you where you're at to explore whatever you're struggling with or to make sense of your past and how that is impacting you today. I will support you to create and achieve your goals and to build self-compassion and self-reliance in your daily life.

Dr. Gabor Maté on the importance of working with a therapist: "your hurt happened in the context of a relationship, so healing has to happen in a relationship."