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Workshop + Embodiment Practices:
Change your relationship with Anger

This workshop is designed for anyone who would benefit from improving their relationship with anger, which is frankly most of us! From a young age we are taught many things about the so-called negative emotion of anger and many of us have a complicated relationship with anger today. Anger, because of destructive rage, is misunderstood in our culture,  A healthy relationship with anger is key and unprocessed anger has countless emotional and psychological consequences, and can also manifest in our bodies as:

  • Digestion problems, such as abdominal pain

  • Neck, shoulder, and hip tension

  • Fatigue, stress, difficulty sleeping

  • Difficulty breathing, shallow breath

  • Headaches

  • High blood pressure

  • Chronic Illness

Certified Yoga Instructor, Jill Hogan and Registered Psychotherapist Emma Heutschi, have thoughtfully designed and structured a workshop that will guide participants utilizing evidence-based research and mind/body strategies to:

  • Understand and build new beliefs to accept the emotion of anger

  • Effectively be with and process anger assertively

  • Utilize the gifts of anger to get what you need and keep out what you don’t

  • Learn how to use it constructively, so we aren’t taking it out on ourselves or others

  • Confront barriers and unlearn beliefs that are standing in our way

  • Recognize anger in our bodies and how we can use breath and yoga to assist in processing- and how to bring these skills into your daily life

We will be discussing:

  • What is anger and why/ when does it arise?

  • Understanding our anger responses and how they often develop in childhood.

  • What happens when we trap anger inwards?

  • How can we physically recognize anger in our bodies and how can that be a superpower?

  • Anger is a very effective emotional indicator. How can we recognize when anger is constructive vs. destructive? How can we transform anger into something life-giving: courage, love, change, compassion, justice?

What to expect:

  • This group will help us to look more critically at the rules we have set for ourselves and anger.

  • Safe, structured environment where we will explore anger physically 

  • Active participation in discussions is completely optional

  • Personal sharing encouraged but totally optional

  • Powerpoint presentation, at-home strategies included

Event Details

  • Tuesday September 13 @ 6:30pm-9:00pm 

  • Via Zoom- Camera/microphone optional


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